14K Yellow & White Gold Antique Pocket Watch Chain 15.5″

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14K Yellow & White Gold Antique Pocket Watch Chain 15.5″

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14K Yellow & White Gold Antique Pocket Watch Chain 15.5″

 I am an Estate Dealer, throughout the year I sell Rare and
Collectible items that I have purchased. All items we believe to be 100% original in as found condition from local estates and collections. All of our items are vintage/antique, gently used and will have age appropriate wear unless otherwise stated as new. We describe all items to the best of our ability. 

Up for your consideration we have this antique 14K yellow & white gold pocket watch 15.5″ chain. Alternating link of white & yellow gold. O clasp looks to have been replaced at some point.  Clasps marked 14K, chain has been tested and is 14K as well, total weight approx. 8.2 grams. In very good vintage condition with minor wear from age/being worn.  Please review photos for condition. Ref # 9074 GS

If you have any questions/concerns, please inquire before bidding.

 With all
jewelry with stones, stones sizes and amounts are figured by calculation. (for
an accurate total, you would have to remove the stones from the settings)
During measurements there is some degree of calculation, so it is an
approximation. I am not a jeweler I do the best of my ability and knowledge. 

In regards to our time pieces (watches, clocks
etc.)  We verify the condition when they leave our office and will be stated as working or not working. All working watches may still need to be  professionally cleaned/serviced in order to keep time accurately. Each of our time pieces are
vintage and used to a different degree. Please see all the photos and read
entire description.


We only accept Paypal as payment. All items must be paid within 7 days or eBay’s unpaid item assistant automatically starts.

              Feed Back:

 Please contact me if you have any concerns/problems with the sale before leaving neutral or negative feedback. If I’m unaware, I cannot help &  resolve the issue. I take pride in the
Antiques and Collectibles that I auction, and I would like nothing more than
for you to have a positive experience when buying from me. Please see our feedbacks. Your satisfaction is the only way to our success and I will do my best to
keep it that way. I am not happy unless you are! 

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 Once an item is paid, we cannot hold it, it must be shipped. When possible all of our items are
shipped with-in 48 hours of our receipt of payment. All items if size permits
are shipped in USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes, or parcel post. Shipping
fees are based on our direct cost provided to us by the USPS.  We do not
ship out of the country for any reason.


Note: We do not reimburse the
shipping cost unless we made a mistake in listing.

To avoid loss in transit while
returning, please insure the product and ship
it back to us. You may contact us prior to the shipment you make, so that we
can confirm well in advance the return procedure and return address to ensure
that your experience in dealing with me is a pleasant one.

Returns Policy

All returned items must be in the
original condition and holder.

Returns must be sent back insured
for the price you paid, as well as with tracking/delivery confirmation.

We will refund sale price after we
receive the item.

NO RETURNS after 30 days.

NO RETURNS if the item is damaged,
resized. You must return an item in the same condition as it was

Items that aren’t in the condition in which they were received, including signs of wear or resizing, can’t be

Bidders with less than 10 feedbacks must contact me before bidding otherwise bids may be cancelled at my discretion.

Damaged Broken
Items During Shipment:

By purchasing
an item from us you are agreeing to assist in the insurance claims process as
the USPS states. This situation rarely happens but both parties must
participate in order to get the a refund.  
You will have to provide photos of broken item, packaging and shipping
materials.  If buyer does not assist in
this process, we will not be able to collect from USPS and therefore we will
not be able to issue you a refund. 

14K Yellow & White Gold Antique Pocket Watch Chain 15.5″

Collecting Antique And Vintage Pocket Watches

An antique pocket watch is something other pieces of jewelry are not: it is timeless. Pocket watches will be the very epitome of elegance. They exude quiet charm and wealth, and give their bearer distinction.

Pocket watches are individual timepieces that will around be carried in one's pocket. They're strapless, and they sport traditionally analog displays. Though not always a current feature, silver pocket watches often have hinged cover to protect the watch face. Fobs or pocket watch chains are always present to secure the timepiece to a waistcoat, belt loop, or lapel. Most antique pocket watches also have fasteners built to be put through buttonholes and worn in a waistcoat or jacket.

Types Of Pocket Watches

Pocket watches could be any 1 of 2 kinds. The first kind are open-faced watches, or hunter-cased, often known as Savonette. The next, and perchance the many common type, has a hinged front address that protects the crystal face of the watch. Traditionally, the stem or pendant of a Savonette is scheduled at its twelve o'clock position. The hunter's stem, on the other side, is positioned during the three o'clock position.

Modern manufacturers of new pocket watches, nevertheless, are not bound by tradition, regardless of the full cases they normally use. Often, mechanism intended for modern wristwatches are being used in silver pocket watches nowadays. This is a trend virtually unheard of utilizing the old, classic silver pocket watches.

Pocket Watches on the Railway

The final half the 19th century saw a rise in railroading, plus the use of silver pocket watches. Old pocket watches became a dependence on all railroad workers, for the sole reason of preventing train wrecks. After having a train that is massive in Kipton, Ohio in 1891, railroad officials established an accuracy standard for railroad pocket watches. In 1893, stringent requirements for silver pocket watches were adapted in railroading.

Pocket Watches Today

In modern times, silver pocket watches have become collectors' items. a classic pocket watch is bound to bring in enthusiasts. Pocket watches have actually also considerably increased in value. Despite their faces that are plain railroad pocket watches are particularly appealing for the quality of their craftsmanship. You can find additionally vintage that is several watches worth mention.

Today an Elgin pocket watch made 50 to 150 years ago can still be of practical use. These pocket watches are considered symbols of America's rise from a country that is agricultural the powerful industrial country it is today. Waltham pocket watches were the very first antique gold pocket watches to be produced in higher quantities, with the idea of producing gold pocket watches at a price that is affordable.

Hamilton pocket watches are known for his or her precision. In fact, most of their watches became the standard for railroad pocket watches. By 1923, 53 % of these production was solely focused on the manufacture of railroad pocket watches. Another pocket that is antique worthy of mention are the really rare and much sought-after Verge pocket watches.

The pocket watch is a survivor. It survived the painful beginnings of the railroad system and is still used today, in the age and put of commercialism. Stunning, exquisite, and timeless, the pocket watch will undoubtedly be around for decades, maybe even centuries, more.

History Of The Pocket Watch

The History And Growth Of The Pocket Watch The history of the pocket view is often overlooked in importance because of the many other inventions that were taking place. But, the pocket watch provided us with all the portable that is first giving us the power to know exactly what time it had been wherever we had been. The pocket watch was an unit that has been extremely rich in the 16th century and just the high class could possess.

In the 16th century clocks were produced making use of springs instead of weights, signifying the transfer from clocks to watches. These old pocket watches were the first timepieces that would be owned by the public. Owning a pocket watch signified the status, wealth and power of a person.

The 17th century made pocket watches even more desirable with a brand new look towards the figure. The view had changed from its original box-like look to a new rounded and case that is slimmer. Craftsmen began working ever so hard to create designs on every pocket view made.

In 1675 some watchmakers discovered the importance of a spring that is spiral. The accuracy of the pocket watch increased greatly by attaching the spiral spring to the balance. It absolutely was now possible to tell time by the minute as oppose to being off by way of a hours that are few. The minute hand was born on the pocket watch with this new discovery.

The 18th century saw added improvement towards the pocket view with further development and more added features to drive the price up. Oil had become a method that is popular lubricate and smoothen the motion regarding the hands of the watch. Jewels had begun to be used for the bearings in watches while diamonds were used on the priced that is high. This shot the fee up to again supply the rich the power to show their wealth and status.

In the middle of the 18th century another hand was introduced to show the increased precision in time. It absolutely was just a matter of time that a hand that is third be added seeing that we had been aware of time down to the second now. This allowed people to understand the time that is exact of it was through there pocket watch.

The century that is 19th several famous pocket watch makers that increased the worth of the watch. Having watchmakers that are multiple your competitors to the grade of view they sold, including how much they sold their watches for. The standard of watches sold had been now better than ever with much more prices that are reasonable. The 19th century signified the peak of the old pocket view.

As time passed further inventions were taking place and the invention of the wristwatch soon took the spot associated with the pocket view. While some old pocket watches remain around today, the wristwatch is the dominant choice of time now. Today old pocket watches are far more of an antique collection than anything. As the pocket watch has served as an useful tool throughout the years, it now rests as solely a collection item that helped lead to the development associated with the wristwatch.

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